Taller de paisatge


To ensure you have the garden you dream, you need a good idea and a good design.

Hire us for a very little cost and see your garden as it will be once built without lifting a finger.

In this phase as generation of ideas or pre-project we deliver to you:

  • Photography and customer requirements collected during the site visit
  • Space analysis file: diagrams and images studying opportunities and weaknesses of the place.
  • References file: images of other spaces already built inspiring for the project.
  • Design file: conceptual map and drawing, photomontage or 3D simulation of the space already built. More examples
  • Materials file: List with images of building materials and the purposed vegetation.

And you decide how to proceed, if you, with this design, do it by yourself or do you want us to do it.

  Contact us for estimate with no commitment.