Taller de paisatge

Garden & Pool in a country house at Vallès

Remodeling of a 2700m2 garden in a country house where a new pool with solarium is new set in a field of natural grass bordered by flower beds and  aromatic shrubs.
Barbecue area rethinks expanding the terrace and connecting with the pool and the porch, and opening views on the countryside with a gazebo, where is located a pergola with wooden curtains.
We have redifined the passageway to the garage creating and and slope that separes from the public road, and letting us to extend the lawn space.  The inside views are covered from the road with a lineup of leylandii and other shrubby forest while ago makes sound and dust barrier .
To protect the view of the pool from the entrance a combined vertical old wood parterres are generated with vines and grasses.

If you want to see the design : DISSENY MASIA VALLES